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Do I need to demote kids to get patches for rank they earned last spring?

Hi all! We never distributed badges last spring, so we’re playing catch up at our pack meeting tomorrow. I was able to log Bobcat for all relevant scouts and they appear on my purchase order. But when I try to quick entry Wolf, dated last June, for our current Bears, it tells me “success” or something like it after I hit enter, but then the info doesn’t stick in the individual scouts’ accounts. Do I need to move them back into a Wolf den and then after I purchase the badges move them up to Bear again?

You need to go to each Scout individually, click on their Advancement page and enter the advancement that was missed one at a time. Quick Entry only works for the current den.

OK. That’s unfortunate. I can see why you don’t want scouts earning things if they weren’t members the prior year, but there should be a way for the system to verify that the kids were signed up at the time. I’m going to put a date extension for “Quick Entry” in the features request forum.


It has nothing to do with validation of a Scout being registered. It is a limitation of the Quick Entry architecture.

You could move the Scouts to a den of their previous rank but so that you could use Quick Entry but you would need to move them one at a time as well then move them back individually, otherwise their membership records in Scoutbook will show the transitions. The best way to do this is to go to the Scout’s membership page, put an end date in the current rank membership then delete the end date from the previous rank membership and click Approved. After you enter the awards, restore the end date to the previous rank membership and remove it from the current rank membership and click approved.

That’s a great fix! Thank you!!!

I would add that you control when you move scouts up. Next June, don’t do it until all of the rank-specific awards are at least marked complete. The needs approval and needs purchasing will still have them on after you move them up within your pack.

It might be faster to move Scouts into their former den level by using the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the den pages so that you can use Quick Entry (although you will need to keep track of them in order to make sure that they get moved back to their correct den). You will also need to clean up their Membership pages afterwards.

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