I want to use Quick Entry for the scout advancement but what will happen if the scout already had the skill signed off?

Hello! I have scouts that have just come back from SBR. The younger scouts took part in their Brownsea Island program that works on scout skills up to First Class. If I use Quick Entry, what will happen if the scout had previously been signed off on a particular advancement task? Will their date be changed to the newer date?

Hi, @HollySutcliffe,

Quick entry is not supposed to overwrite previous completion dates. In the past, I have not seen it do so.

My recommendation is, if you are particularly concerned (e.g. you have 50 scouts and don’t want to back-check/correct them all after quick entry), try using quick entry for a single scout who has the least number of requirements (but at least one or two) already completed (i.e. before camp). Generate that scout’s Scouts BSA Advancement report, then use quick entry to “update” all of the scout’s advancement. See if anything previously-completed changed. If not, you should be good-to-go with the rest of the scouts.

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Thank you for the suggestion!

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