Does (or how does) Internet Rechartering 2.0 warn about 18YO+ youth that need to be UP or VP?

I heard from a troop tonight that said IR 2.0 failed to warn that an 18YO being renewed as a youth rather than a UP or SA.

Does it do this? If so, where and how? Does it work the same way for Venturing and Exploring?

If they are already 18 or turn 18 before January 1st it should kick out a warning on YPT I believe. If they turn 18 after January 1st it will let you recharter them. This is because they have up until their 18th birthday to get their requirements for the rank of eagle done.

That’s what I thought too. But the unit says that they received no warning and only noticed the problem after reviewing the submitted roster.

I am not in that situation so I don’t know for sure. If there isn’t a validation error for it in the system I’m guessing that they expect the unit to go through their roster and remove those that are not qualified. I agree there should be an alarm for it, but in the end it is their unit and they should have known that scout was aged out ahead of time and removed them. That is what recharter is for after all. (I hope that didn’t come across as harsh, I didn’t mean it that way.)