How to promote a youth to an adult in Scoutbook

All of our 18 year olds show up as youths in Scoutbook. How do we promote them to adults?

I understand that they will need an adult app, YPT, background check, etc.

The former online recharter system made it quite easy to promote a youth to adult when they age out (18+), keeping all of their information intact. How is this done in the new Scoutbook system?

I watched the videos and read the FAQs, but saw no mention of this. All it said was that it should not be a new adult since in that instance “new” indicates new to scouting.


I have the same question. How do I promote a now 18 year old scout to “college scouter reserve”? I have their BSA adult app, CBC and YPT certificate. Do I remove them then add them back as an “adult” while uploading their forms? This was an easy process last year.

I would probably turn in the Adult paperwork into council and allow council to process (Usually only takes a few days for my council (Sam Houston Area). Part of this depends upon which council you are in [due to different state laws and the requirements and the individual council requirements (some of which are to require “wet ink” signatures)]
When the scout / new adult member shows up in then you should be able to then do an update on the recharter site and the old scout/new adult would show up in the recharter file and you can properly process further.
Otherwise I have no idea. I have NOT started looking at the new Rechartering site yet (awaiting completion of dues collection, etc). In the past (after we knew who was rechartering) it would take me about 1-4 hours of computer time to be ready to “finalize/print” the required paperwork for turn in so I would NOT look at Internet Recharter until ready to process.
Hope this helps

My recharter was missing a CBC that was easily replaced by emailing the registrar. I’d suggest everyone look at internet rechartering right away. Survey the scene to see if there is any pre work. Once reviewed and understood, I have set it aside until about 12/1.

Just did a preliminary look at my 3 units. Took about 20 minutes to print a roster and make annotations of what is needed for each unit, like some Unit Participants need to convert to UCSR or drop, a YPT problem which would have been found soon any way.
Good idea to do a quick look now for any potential issues (maybe can head off a slow down or major hick-up close to the deadline) then put away until ready to finalize.

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I did learn my lesson about submitting the recharter too fast. My first 2 years of being involved with recharter, I wanted to be “first in line”. Both times we had issues. The first was a youth and adult that joined after we submitted, but before we reprocessed. If we would have waited until early December, we would have had them in the recharter. Last year, we paid for 2 Scouts that we later found were not going to continue. We should have waited and gotten clarity vs. “jumping the gun”. So, I am taking the 2 phased approach. Spend the 20 mins like you said now, then early December finalize and submit.

I have a number of youth that have turned 18. A few submitted an adult app, background check and YPT cert, so now show as unit scouter, or college scouter, reserve on our troop’s roster. There are some that have not done this. When I come across this,first, I drop the scout from my recharter roster; then I send the scout an invitation to join our unit as an adult.

Frankly, I don’t understand why these youth don’t simply join our crew if they want to continue. I am doing the internet recharter for the troop and crew, so I have also been sending these individuals an invitation to join our crew.

I love that we are able to send invitations.

To “promote” a now 18 year old to Unit College Scouter Reserve (etc.) you have to remove them from the roster under “Manage Members” then under the same tab, “Add new member”. Type in their information, use the drop down to add new position then upload your file with their adult application, CBC and YPT.

We have an 18 year old Scout who is not going to register with the troop as an adult. What are the steps to remove him from Scoutbook?

Once all of his advancement is fully entered and marked approved/awarded, put an end date on their membership.


@jacobfetzer Thanks!

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