Double Member ID - No family links to kids or den


I moved from MA pack 722 to CA pack 299 in 2022. For some reason, I ended up with a new MIB. This has been an ongoing issue since that time. My primary MIB is 13963267. Can the secondary be merged or deleted?

Secondary MIB is 140379853. I also have the issue with at times I can see my children and other times I cannot. Local SDIC council has not returned calls or attempted to help.

Thank you, Andrew

Each council has their own tranche of member IDs, so this is the expected behavior.

Did you create a new my.scouting account when you moved, or are you using the same credentials to login as before? When you login to my.scouting, do you consistently see all of your scouts, or just some of them?

It’s not possible to delete/merge BSA Member IDs. However, they can be managed to identify them as belonging to the same person. When you log in to my.scouting, under the left side drop down menu there is a button to Manage Member ID. You can set your SDIC ID (current registration) as primary, and your old MA ID (old registration) as secondary.

@AndrewSimmons so you are in SDIC now? Assistant DL in P299?

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@AndrewSimmons think this is all fixed - 140379853 is your current MID as it has your registration - both are under management at - manage member ID

Thank you! This looks much better. I still need to be linked to my oldest son though as a parent. His SB User ID is 11995485. I also can’t see the other kids in the den.

Thank you, Andrew

@AndrewSimmons you can go to my connections - at top of page there is red print to connect to scout as parent. on youth in a den that is up to your units admins.


We also recommend you contact your Council and have them use the Relationships tab of Registrar Tools to connect you and your Scouts in the BSA’s person database. This connection will become critical when it is time to renew your memberships.

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