Merge two member ID

I need two member ID’s merged.
My primary ID is 13726280 and this is the ID I’ve kept updated with YPT and so forth. However, I also have 13523536 which I think my scout is tied to. I’d like to have the second ID merged/removed (the one ending in 536). I have tried the merge function on the website but because one is Beth and the other is Elizabeth it won’t automatically merge.


@BethLeal that is done

@AshleyDoebbeling : My son has two membership ID’s that need to be merged. The primary membership ID number is 12428164. The secondary ID that should be merged into the primary ID is 1448164. I need this secondary ID 1448164 removed from Scoutbook. Thank you! @AshleyDoebbeling

@AshleyDoebbeling that is fixed

May I jump in on this thread? We have a Scout whose primary BSA ID and Scoutbook ID are 14440210 and 12671463, respectively. The Scout recently created their own and Scoutbook accounts, with the help of their parents, and it generated new profiles BSA 14884444 and SB 12981337. Can the new accounts be merged with the original BSA and SB IDs? Or deleted, whichever is best.

@EricGaulin I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts. The reason a new BSA member number was created is because the Scout’s date of birth did not match.

Please ask the parents to double-check the Scout’s date of birth. If it needs to be corrected, please contact your local council.

Thank you very much for your help!

I also nee help!

I need to have someone merge my scout numbers for Marjory Graue

The two numbers are:



The troop has my number as 137247905 so this is the one I would like to use.



@MarjoryGraue You appear to be registered as a Merit Badge Counselor under BSA member number 13778202.

Are you still active as a MBC?


That is what I was trying to do. I need to teach a merit Badge in Feb but no one can see it in my troop. I have had my live Scan and done the Clifornia Child protection classes… I should still be good until end of 2023.


@MarjoryGraue I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

I have to use BSA member number 13778202, because that is the number with your MBC registration. You might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

But will my troop get that number? Will my sons account be attached to it?
Will my Scoutbook work?

How do I tell my troop? DO you tell them or do I?


@MarjoryGraue Scoutbook should work for you. Try logging in to Scoutbook and see:

Your son’s troop should be able to find you when they use the MB Counselor List function within Scoutbook. (However, they might need to wait until tomorrow, because I merged your accounts today.)

Hi there can i jump in as well. i seemed to have lost a den leader somewere along the way with reorganizing positions and labels in the recharter process. can you help me recover this person.

Bailey J Gray
ID # 14006065

never mind. good news i got it figured out :slight_smile:

Hi there. I also need help merging two Scoutbook IDs.

One of my Scouts has two Scoutbook accounts for some reason. Please merge the two or delete the “bad” Scoutbook ID.

Good Scoutbook ID: 12577159
Bad/duplicate Scoutbook ID: 12568420

Please note that these are Scoutbook IDs. NOT BSA IDs. His BSA ID (if you need it) is 14408157.

Thank you!

yes! I can see my MB Counselor list on my page! Thanks!

Now one more question… How to I update my List to add Family Life and Personal Management?

Really Appreciate your help!


Your council needs to add these to your list, as MBC registrations and badge assignments are controlled through their software.

@DouglasKim This should be fixed.

I have a parent in my troop that is duplicated on his scouts account. His active ID is 127719380. I cannot see what the other # is. If you could remove the inactive account it would be appreciated. User is (name removed by Moderator). thank you