Double Merit Badges

My son has 6 merit badges that were earned and awarded last year. But this year 5/25/21 they were doubled and approved by BSA Administration. I did a search and the thread I found was closed. I tried to do what was suggested to the last person but it’s not working for me. The suggestion was to delete it or back out the date. It just tells me since it was approved it can’t be deleted. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the extras? Thanks!

post BSA # and we can look

Wonderful, thank you. It’s 131226841

@RonnettTaylor yeah I found that which is confusing - there is no registration for that # - there is one for 137250095 in Michigan Crossroads? the first one does have the Double MBs in Scoutbook, that is most likely different versions of the MB, and might be a one by one clean up

Ok yeah the Troop in Michigan didn’t want to change his BSA # to that # so they have his current account as the only one working with them. Should I try deleting the original merit badge and see if the duplicate goes away?

@RonnettTaylor where is he registered? Michagan or NJ. They would be different BSA #s as they are different councils

Well he IS ONLY registered in Michagan

Yes the first is NJ and he transferred to Michigan but I couldn’t change his number on my end and they wanted to keep his old #. I didn’t think that would work.

The registered BSA Member ID must be on the Scoutbook account or things will not work.

I’ll ask to have it changed again. That sounds like it will fix a lot.

well I fixed the BSA # - the address is confusing as it is all NJ

@RonnettTaylor give it overnight to sync

Oh thank you so much!!

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