Duplicate Merit Badges Showing Approved by BSA Administrator


On 25 May 2021, SB showed an approval by “BSA Administrator” of several MB’s for Scout with Member ID 129057666, User ID 538485.

These MB’s are now showing as duplicates: Bird Study, First Aid, and Environmental Science

Please remove these duplicates, as they are being double-credited for this Scout, showing twice in his profile page, and now showing him as eligible for Life rank, which is not the case.

Thanks in advance!

Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob can you see both in the UI? can you clear the date from one of them?

Stand by…working on it!

I am to the dialog box to remove the MB…will take that chance, but do not wish it to affect his primaries…lemme download his record first as a backup…

@ScouterRob I have his record on screen - it is just SB that is messed up not the Eagle verification system

my question is what happened 5/25/21 - tons of approvals that day and all the dupes where 2nd approved on that day

OK, BSA Administrator duplicates removed with no detriment to original MB’s.

Don’t know about that one… all those MB’s were earned years ago. Was there some system update on 25 May, or do you think this happened somehow on our end??

And I did not think the system would let me remove an Merit Badge that showed as counselor approved, leader approved, and awarded… funny, that…

well we will give it till after 4pm today to see if it stays fixed through next sync

Roger that…will check it tomorrow for persistence…

BTW, just checked all other records in the unit. This was the only instance of the anomaly, out of 41 records, including other Scouts with same merit badges…

Head scratcher…

And, every other Merit Badge record in his profile was written over on same day by “BSA Administrator.”

None of the others duplicated, though.

Was there a scoutbook or bsa member number merge around that time (or prior to)? And other major account changes?

Not for that Scout…, at least, not by me :wink: There are other unit admins over whom I have zero control…

Persistent thru the 3 PM Central update. (If that’s what you meant…)

@ScouterRob it would be too early to tell - there is another instance of something like this reported by a SUAC member

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Good morning! The deleted duplicates did not reappear. The corrections made seem persistent. Will advise if status changes. Thanks!

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