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Dropdown Menus and Settings

This may have come up a hundred times already, but I did a search and got no results…

I’d like to see drop down menus on the top of the page (like most websites people visit) rather than buttons on the bottom of pages.

I have to scroll down the page to run reports. Why not put things like roster and quick entry on top of the page? Why you have to click roster, scroll down the page to get to connections manager is beyond me. With 80+ scouts, it’s a long page to get to the bottom.

Just about every time I go in, I have to hit alpha by last name. (it seems to always revert to alpha by first name) Is there an overall global setting to change this?

Also, could we have an overall setting that the front page be roster rather than patrol? We have a dozen patrols. I can’t remember who’s in which, so I have to scroll down, hit roster, wait for it to load.


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