Dropped as an MBC

I got a message from Scoutbook last night that said something to the effect of “my council uploaded a new MBC list and I was not on it”. I lost my MBC dashboard in Scoutbook, I have no more connections to any scouts that were working on MBs with me.

My council registrar seemed to indicate that Scoutbook sent out the email to people that were legitimately dropped AND errantly sent it to people that are still registered and should not have gotten the email. My husband (same last name) is one of the ones who should have legitimately been dropped.

My registrar put in a ticket and I have no reason to think that she misrepresented the problem.

However, it still seems to be more than just an errant email problem. My “my.scouting” shows my MBC position expired 8/31/2023 and the fact that I lost all my MBC stuff from my dashboard and connections tells me that it is bigger than that.

Is this a “me” problem or did this really a known bug that drops MBC’s when it shouldn’t? Could it be that it dropped me and my husband, even when it should have only dropped him?


Your MBC position is marked as IsCurrent=No in Akela.

There is a 60 day grace period has ended and since IsCurrent=No, the system thinks you were not renewed before the expiration of the 60 days.

Your Council needs to work this issue.

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I suspected as much. If it were systemic, there would be other posts in the forum.

None of the other members of my troop who are MBCs got dropped.


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