Dropped Scouts still in Scoutbook but not in my.scouting

Have 3 scouts who aged out last year and were not on the recharter for this year. When the charter was posted on April 1, the other scouts who did not recharter were dropped but these 3 scouts still are listed. I cannot delete them manually or cancel my connection to the Key 3.

When I look in my.scouting on the roster, they are not listed there.

Any insight on how to remove them. I currently have them as “not in a patrol”

There is a built in temporary grace period for Life Scouts.

You should be able to go to their [Scout]'s Membership page, click on their current membership with troop or patrol, and add a date ended.

This is even for Scouts who have reached their 18th birthday? One was an Eagle Scout and aged out in October of 2022, and two are twin brothers, one was Star and the other Life with birthdays of January 2023

@kurtfreer Could you post the BSA member number of one of the Scouts? We could take a look.

I was able to delete them by entering an end date. I can access them since they were removed. It solved my issue. Not sure why they hung around unless the grace period you mentioned is the reason.

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