Scoutbook Roster Sync

Scout book roster is not syncing with my roster. Adults and scouts that should have been removed during recharter are still showing up on Scout book.

Post some BSA Member IDs and we will investigate. Do not post names.

Shouldn’t it update automatically when the charter renews thought?

Dropping is more complex - that is why the BSA # help us figure it out and send notes to optimize the system

Ok, here’s an example of a youth and adult

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

There is a built in grace period for Life Scouts, so that units can enter things related to the Eagle Scout rank (Eagle Palms, etc.). If he is not going to earn the Eagle Scout rank and is otherwise done, you can just end the Scout’s Membership in Scoutbook.

What about new scouts on my.scouting but have shown up on scoutbook yet?

@JimTaylor210 I see the same number of Scouts on your my.scouting roster as your Scoutbook roster.

Do you have BSA member ID numbers for the missing Scouts?

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