Dual Council Registration Screws up ScoutBook

I get messages that my second council has sent a message to my mailbox with a clickable link.
When I go there it says my mailbox is empty. When are they going to fix ScoutBook so that dual council registration is not a problem? So far ScoutBook has been nothing but problems for me.

@PeterMullaney - could give a bit more detail on what you are talking about. What is the url of the clickable link ? I gather you are thinking of the in box of the message section of scoutbook? Sometimes mailbox refers to your email provider mailbox.

And what are the other issues since you mentioned it ?

There are no plans for Scoutbook to support registrations in multiple Councils. If you are active in multiple councils, there are 2 options.

  1. Set the primary BSA Member ID in my.scouting.org to the Scoutbook account you want to log in to. When you want to switch Scoutbook accounts, first log in to my.scouting.org and switch the primary BSA Member ID.
  2. Create a 2nd my.scouting.org ID for the second council then use it to log in to Scoutbook.

When you log in to Scoutbook, the primary BSA Member ID in your my.scouting.org account is the Scoutbook account that is accessed.


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