Multiple councils and another user with email warning

I am getting the “Warning another user with email message.”
I am registered in 2 councils with 2 member ids using one email.
I have been going into my.scouting and switching my primary council for appropriate access. Is there a way to merge my 2 council registrations?
Thank you.

@ScottWylie - two different councils equals two different id numbers

Thanks for the reply. I understand the 2 id numbers.
For Scoutbook - How can my account be setup so I dont have to change my primary unit in my.scouting to have the correct permissions in Scoutbook?
Currently I need to go into my.scouting, set one council primary, logout, go back into scoutbook, add what I need for that unit. To do something for the unit in the other council, I again need to go into my.scouting, switch primary council, log out, log into scoutbook and do the work. It is cumbersome.

It looks as if there are 2 Scott Wylie with same email address.

  1. I have the another user email address notice and
  2. my own kids show 2 scott wylie’s in their connections.

Thank you the help!!

@ScottWylie there is no great way - One of the units can approve your leadership in scoutbook - but using your other BSA # - that is about the only way.

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