Dual Membership Scoutbook Issue

One of my scouts has membership in 2 different councils and 2 different BSA ID’s. How can I get access to record advancement on his BSA ID that is registered with the other council? I use to have access to record advancement but now I don’t.

The reason I ask is all of his advancement is recorded on the ID I don’t have access to.


Post his BSA Member ID(s) (no names) and a member of the SUAC will investigate.

His BSA ID is


I found his 2 BSA Member IDs. It looks like he has been registered in both Buckskin Council and Muskingum Valley Council since 2021. Is this correct? Does he plan to continue being registered in both councils?

2001 is not correct. Maybe 2011? Yes he plans on being registered in both. We are in the Muskingum Valley Council and he will Eagle with us.

Sorry, that was a typo, I have corrected it to 2021.

Gotcha. 2021 still is not correct. He was a member in at least one council before that for cub scouts.

2021 is the earliest date he was registered in BOTH councils.

Gotcha. That would probably be correct then.

You would need to talk to the other unit to get access to that MID @JustinLogue

They don’t use scoutbook, are there instructions on how to give me access I can send them?

If they don’t use SB I do not see what would be gained you entering advancements - they would still need to enter in their system and they would not see what you entered

ALL advancement he has ever had going back to cub scouts was entered on the BSA ID assigned to Buckskin council. The other BSA ID assigned to our council was not used, therefore he has no advancements on it.

Like I said previously. I use to have access, now I don’t and I need access to continue to update.

It is complex and is going to take a conversation with unit. Parents could connect you, but you would not be a unit leader so I do not think you could approve things (which would not matter if other unit is using other means and reporting). The other unit could make you a leader in Scoutbook.
If the other unit is recording things and reporting to National all the items finished date would still go into that account with no actions from you needed.

What council does the scout want to Eagle in?

Ours. Muskingum Valley Council.

OK - little messier than I thought - OK - the Scout has 2 logins - one is a user name - one is a Sign in with Google. Seems like 6months to a year ago since either was logged into. The username was logged into last time. Can you check with scout?

I will check with him to see which he uses.

He uses google to login

OK this should be all fixed for you now