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I have 2 Scouts that transferred from a now defunct Pack into ours, and their achievements did not transfer from their old Pack to ours. I reached out to Council and they said to come on here for assistance. How can this information be transferred over? Thanks!

What are the BSA #'s? is it the same Council?

136143775 and 137230557

Same council (Minsi Trails Council)

I do not immediately see ANY recorded advancements for either Scout - perhaps that is why the Pack folded. I do not believe that pack used SB, and they did not record stuff to Council. The 2nd # only has your pack registration.
The Small victory is it is just Cub Stuff and the only thing recorded long term in Cubs is AOL (it is on Eagle Application). You can rebuild their history of ranks in SB or leave as is

Ok, thanks for your help!

@RobertCase Don’t forget to move both Scouts into their new dens. The easiest way is to go to the den page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button.

Yup, that was already done when they were transferred over. They’re all set :slight_smile:

Follow-up (and I’ll create a new thread if needed), I have an adult leader who needs to take over that Den ASAP. Would that be through our Council’s Registrar or is that something you can take care of?

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Is the adult leader currently registered with the BSA?

She is :slight_smile: Is that something I could do? (I’m the Cubmaster with access to everything. I just don’t know if I know how to do it.)

If you want to post her BSA member number, it will be easier for us to help.

IF she is already registered - you can just go to her profile and add the Scoutbook position

I went on her profile and added her position, but under the Wolf Den, on the COnnections Manager, it just shows her being connected to her kids. Would I have to add each connection individually?

BSA Member #136314686

I would also make any den leader a Den Admin for their den. That gets them automatic access to all scouts added to the den, access to the den calendar, all sorts of other cool stuff. :wink:


That did it! Thanks!

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