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Adult Leader/Parent having SSO issue

Our Advancement Chair apparently has three different BSA ID#'s. He came to us with two BSA ID#'s and was assigned a new one by our Council last year when he moved here from a different region. He has been using the most recent one assigned to him, but when he went to set up his SSO at the end of October, he was given the choice of the first two BSA #'s and not the most recent one. He said that he can get into Scoutbook, but he does not have access to either of his Scouts or to our Unit.

Our Council does not have access to Scoutbook and most of our professional Scouters have never even seen Scoutbook so they have no idea what I’m looking at. Our Council also has no registrar to assist me, but I have a call in to our DE to see if he can help. Is there a way for me, as ACM, to figure out how to get my Advancement Chair back into Scoutbook? He tried to sign on using the newest BSA # (I pulled it from his parent profile as it’s listed in our Unit) but he gets a message back saying that there is no record of him with that BSA#. The BSA# I provided to him from his profile belongs to him and does not belong to either of his Scouts (just for clarification purposes). TIA!

@RoxannePearson I sent you a private message for more information. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right of the forums.

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