Dual Registration - Advancement

I recently had a scout join our troop as a dual registration, his home troop is in another council. none of his record transferred over to our Scoutbook.

My main concern is summer camp, do I need to send him home with blue cards or a report from camp, or will the merit badges transfer between councils in scoutbook automatically?

What’s his bsa member number (no names)? Does he plan to remain in both units? Who is the primary unit for advancement stuff?

Each council has their own unique set of bsa member numbers. So, they kind of get treated like two separate people. But your responses to the questions above will help determine the best path forward.

Member Number: 132203351
I think he will stay with our unit for a while, but his primary unit will be the other unit. Do you need the unit numbers and Councils?

There are enough scouts with that name and birth year that having the units and councils would be helpful to make sure we look at it right.

I can understand that. My unit is 1493 in Sam Houston Area Council.

The primary unit is 239 in Three Rivers Council.

OK, there’s no perfect way to do this. I recommend that all of his advancement be tracked on the member number in the other troop/council. You can ask their leadership to add you and/or another leader as an adult leader connection with at least edit advancement permissions so you can enter went completed requirements or awards.

You also mentioned summar camp. How does his other troop operate? I’d look to provide them with whatever fits best into their paradigm. The guide to advancement does allow some flexibility, but physical blue cards are pretty universal. If your council uses Black Pug/scoutingevent registration software, they may provide a csv file that can be uploaded into Scoutbook using the feature assistant extension.


Adding as a leader has a short shelf life as once the switchover to Scoutbook Plus happens the plan is not to have a separate leader list but draw from the roster with the ability to add enhancements (such as a den leader spot being added to a committee member)

Yes, that’s true, and I probably should have mentioned it, but it’s not certain when that will be or if another solution will be in place. And I don’t really have a better option for them.

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