Merge Scout?

We recently multipled a scout into our unit who has his primary membership in a neighboring council. When he showed up in scoutbook, he looks like a brand new scout. He has a new SB User ID and new BSA Member ID. Is there any way to merge this so we can see all his advancement and such from the other unit?

Original Unit: SB User ID 12350403, BSA ID 14146469
Our unit: SB User ID 2495954, BSA ID 134492786


This is the way the BSA handles Member IDs. Every Council has its own set of IDs and cannot see IDs from other Councils.

You have 2 choices:

  1. The two units decide which BSA Member ID should be used for advancement. The other unit then adds that BSA Member ID to their roster (there will be a warning triangle) then manage all advancement via that ID.
  2. The Scout maintains 2 Scoutbook accounts and the two units work together to manually keep the advancement records in sync.

Whatever you decide to do, you MUST stay in communication with the other unit so that duplicate awards are not purchased and you know which unit is supposed to buy which awards.

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This scout has multipled into our unit to increase the opportunities for outings and the advancement that comes from that. From what we’re told, the situation is less than ideal in the primary unit. Though he doesn’t want to just transfer units as we’re not that close geographically, and attending weekly meetings with us isn’t practical.
So anyhow, what are the mouse clicks to do option #1 you mention above?


We are discussing among the SUAC if option 1 will still work. Stay tuned.

Did your team come up with an answer yet?


Our best suggestion at the moment is for one of the Councils to make a slight name change (use nickname, add/remove middle name) so there are 2 Scoutbook accounts then between the two units decide which will have the full record. Use that Scoutbook account to record all advancement. The other unit will need to notify the primary unit when updates are made so they can make the corresponding update.

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