Dual registration issue 2 councils

My daughter is dual regiatered in 2 councils with 2 units. Due to the change she is no longer showing on the roster in my.scouting with her primary unit. I think its becaise her primary unit id is now showing as old id number. Can someone switch them.

Primary council:
Heart of New England
Troop 7163
Id : 140146185
This should be her BSA ID number

Second council:
Western Massachusetts
Troop 5007
ID: 135360731
Should be listed as previous BSA id number. But stay in both units and council. Heart of new england troop will be in charge of all advancements.

I know scoutbook is not a fan of dual id’s. I have dual id’s also and someone here was able to fix the issue i had with mine.

Thank you,

Well she is registered under both numbers but they are not connected as one should be primary and the other should be Mutli - I think you need council advise on this one first