Merge Request please

Can someone check on this parent leader’s two BSA ID’s? I think she is linked to her Scout with a parent ID, and then there’s another one that shows on my roster (which she isn’t on yet, because we are going through recharter).

BSA ID for adding as a leader: 12505743
Profile linked to Scout: 133872313

We are in Central GA Council. Mom has several kids in Scouting, not all in the same Troops and I think some that are aged out. Pretty sure they have moved around before, but not totally sure.

I have merged this adult leaders Scoutbook accounts. Her BSA member numbers are:

12505743 (primary)
135706022 (secondary)

That other BSA member number belongs to someone else, it looks like it belongs to a family member.

I have an interesting issue and was wondering what you see on your end.

Id: 137148917 is on our current roster for recharter. However, they are not syncing in scoutbook. Additionally, as I try to add their den chief training, they don’t pull pull up in the system at all under name or that BSA number. Can you take a look on your end and just note if you see any issues before we ticket it to National?

@JamieHaller 137148917 is a deleted MID
14838766 is council 544 for same person
133543501 is council 553
134824302 is council 421

What is your council?

@JamieHaller none of these MIDs have active registrations

Wonder how that is possible. We are council 544. I am looking at him now, on my recharter. However, his bsa number shows 137148917. Not 14838766. How is he active on recharter if there is no active unit registration? (Asking in general, not expecting details from your end unless you know the answer)

just asked that question myself - I would just remove the scout from recharter and turn in a paper app with the old 544 MID listed

Okay. Thank you. Appreciate your assistance.

I was told if you leave the scout it should just register them when you recharter ???

Apparently, there is a huge registration issue between councils at the moment and was told to sit tight for now. They are working on getting it straight.

What I think happened is the scout logged in and it changed the MID to this void one, cause I see the old MID from your old council on the SB Account

Can you please merge the two accounts for (name removed by Moderator) under Scout: (name removed by Moderator), Troop 483, Bellevue, NE

(name removed by Moderator)
Member ID: 13187892

(name removed by Moderator)
Member ID: 112626583

Thank you!

Can you please merge the two accounts in Scoutbook under (name removed by Moderator), Troop 483 B, Bellevue, NE?

(name removed by Moderator)
SB User ID: 243558
BSA Member ID: 14280563


(name removed by Moderator)
SB User ID: 12500730
BSA Member ID: 124857266

@BrianTrimpey These should be fixed.

@BrianTrimpey This adult’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Thank you for your help!!!

Hi Scoutbook admins, I also have a parent that just registered as a den leader — but instead of the council using his existing BSA ID they created a new one. Now he has two accounts in scoutbook.

We need to have these two accounts merged:

Den Leader ID: 14839246
Old ID: 136597588

Thank you!

@JenniferOlinger , I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I had a parent send an email request in October to to merge 13210907 into 14621709 and never heard back. Is there any way you could help please?

The support email has been retired quite awhile back (year?). So, posting here or working directly with your council are the only methods of support. Please pass on to anyone suggesting the support email that it is retired.

@CoreyWorkman This should be fixed.