Duplicate Account Merge Request

I am requesting to have a parent’s two BSA ID’s merged so she can see her scout when she logs into my.scouting.org and to scoutbook.

140267809 and 140239529
Please ensure she has access to her scout’s BSA ID of 140239528

Thank you very very much!!! Ya’ll are awesome!!!

@WilliamKett I saw the Scout (not the parent) had 2 accounts and that is cleaned up

Thank you - I will check with the parent!
Really appreciate you and the other volunteers being all on top of this for us

The parent logged in and they were in my.scouting.org but could not do anything under my applications to transfer the scout to a new unit. Thoughts?

@WilliamKett I would be surprised if they were in the right account - I see no log ins for the mother - I think they are using the youths account - I think they need to make their own
Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

you nailed it. she was creating them for her son and not for herself. Please140239529 is her BSA ID with her login
see if that can be merged with the other.
Thank you

That MID has a log in used today

Can you please Merge the two Parent Accounts associated with Scoutbook User ID: 1457482 or BSA Member ID: 128652547?
The Duplicate Parent Accounts are under Pete (When I tried to get his ID it gave me: ERROR: Logged-In user does not have access to this API) and one is under Peter (ID 106818954).


@BrianTrimpey ok that is fixed

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