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Duplicate account

I have a parent that has 2 accounts. BSA # 118121976 User ID 8691375. This is the account that I have him under but when he logs in, it goes to another account with only his other scouts name.

Did the parent provide the BSA ID for their other account, or is it blank, if you know? If you have that information, it might also help the folks from SUAC investigate the issue.

@RobinDalby this is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil could you please help me with a parent BSA id merge request, part of Troop 33 in PacSky council. BSA ids that need merging: 12869434 (old) and 13617362 (primary). Thank you in advance.

@SunilMurthy to merge BSA numbers you need to talk to council - as there are variations in the names

Thanks for assisting. The parent did contact the council and the council indicated they only have one (13617362) as the active BSA#. Would this be a case of scoutbook duplicate accounts? Could you please merge the two scoutbook accounts if that is indeed the case?

Well there are 2-3 BSA #s - I merged the SB Users to the login I saw the most activity on


Hoping you could help…still looks like I have two account:

The "good " account is BSA # 135866618 / User ID: 8716937 but has “bad” e-mail address “250cct”…would like to update to correct (250ccr@gmail.com) e-mail…but SB said it’s already being used. Bad BSA# 13089859.

Is there a way to merge to accounts AND use 250ccr@gmail.com as the e-mail?



@RichardRolison This should be fixed.

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Could you please merge the following duplicate accounts?

13773367 and 13794928
13092358 and 12011301

Thank you!

I have a similar problem, maybe you can help
New Scout is Kyle [last name removed by Moderator for privacy] BSA# 13990099
Mom is Jennifer [last name removed by Moderator for privacy] BSA# 13990100

There is an old account connected to Kyle by Jennifer, can we get rid of this one?

TIA, Connie

@ConstanceGonsalves This is fixed. Parent also had a duplicate account, so I fixed that, too.

Thank you so much

Thank you, Connie

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I merged the first set.

For the second set, the name matches, but the dates of birth do not match.

I am having the same issue for a parent with duplicate accounts.

Parent Logging in with BSA 129787818, but Scout and Troop 1022 record shows parent as BSA 13210913.

Can someone merge and dedup this? She cannot see her scout.

@RyanLaMirand The issue is that she has 2 my.scouting accounts. One username is her e-mail address. The other is Google log in. If you can let me know which one she wants to keep, we can get her fixed.

Ideally she should be using this account 13210913 - which I believe is her email login. If you can get rid of the duplicate Google log in account (129787818), then I can instruct her to login to my.scouting.org and enable Google login from the My Account settings so it doesn’t make the duplicate. Does that make sense?

@RyanLaMirand I would recommend that she use BSA member number 129787818, because she was previously registered as an adult leader under that number. I can change the BSA member number on her Scoutbook account to match.

I will have to ask Member Care to delete the other my.scouting username.

@RyanLaMirand It looks like she has created another username (tonight) that is not her e-mail or Google log in.

@RyanLaMirand I have merged her Scoutbook accounts. If she logs in with her my.scouting username and password – not her e-mail address, then she should be good.