Duplicate accounts 2

Hello, I somehow have two accounts set up, both using the same email address. I would like to keep the one with the ID cccccccccccc, BSA member # 13789198, UserID 11794805, as I have the password to that one. The other one is under Robert Morrison, also uses cccccccccc, but I cannot log in to it so I don’t know the ID, or numbers. There is nothing of importance in the account, it can be deleted.

Thank you!

I will look at this @BobMorrison - I removed your PII from post

@BobMorrison these are fixed

Thank you very much!

Bob M

I have 2 BSA ID i was seeing if i could get these merged into one?

@JaysonHeffron Please contact your local council and ask them to move your Lion and Tiger Adult Partner registrations over to your adult leader BSA member number.

After that happens, we can merge your Scoutbook accounts.

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