Duplicate Scoutbook records for Adult Lead/Parent

I am the Scoutmaster and also Troop admin. I am trying to either merge two adult/parent Scoutbook accounts and/or delete one of them. We have a couple of situations where we have a registered adult leader who also has a different parent SB account. We want to keep the registered adult account with BSA ID associated with it but delete the other parent account (which has a different email address). Doing this with ultimately allow us to change the registered account email address to the preferred one (which currently is not associated with a BSA ID#). Complete circuitous, I know. But I would appreciate an approach on how to accomplish this. Thanks.

Please post the adult leader’s BSA member number, and we can take a look. (No names, please)

There are two situations I have like this.

BSA 1: 12604646

BSA 2: 130193744

I have the same problem. I’m a parent and recently joined as an ASM
BSA (Parent) - 14548187
BSA (ASM) - 14547746


@JackLum I am working on these.

@JackLum These should both be fixed.

Both users should log in with their my.scouting username – not their e-mail address.

It does appear that the duplicate accounts are now removed in SB. Appreciate it. I assume it will not be a problem now if they want to change their primary email in my.scouting.org to a different email?

@JackLum They should be able to change their e-mail at my.scouting now.

@TammyZhai Could you double-check this BSA member ID number?

Related but separate. What about a parent who has duplicate SB accounts based on two different emails but who is not a registered adult and has no BSA ID? Is there a way to either merge these to a single preferred email or delete the undesired one?

@JackLum Every Scoutbook account has a Scoutbook userID.

If you have access to the parent’s Scoutbook userID, we can work with that. If you can’t find it, then if you provide the Scout’s BSA member ID number, we can find them that way.

Scouts BSA ID #130237209. His mother is the one who has two different emails and therefore two different acccounts.

@JackLum This should be fixed.

The parent’s BSA member number is 128930965. She should log in with her my.scouting username – not her e-mail address.

Excellent. So appreciate your responsiveness! You have resolved several pain points for us which I have not been able to resolve on my own. Have a great day!

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