Duplicate accounts for adult

I have an adult who has two accounts. The first one was incorrect as her birthdate was listed as her daughters. Was able to make a correct account and add her as a leader but I am unable to delete the incorrect account. How can I delete?
Thank you Becky

@RebeccaGolueke post the BSA #s or SB User IDs and we can look at it

The BSA# account we want to keep is 13996653- this lists her as a parent and Tiger Den Leader. The one we want to delete is137350018
Thank you

this was wrong number - but I found the right one and it is fixed

I have the same problem, 2 accounts and would like to delete one. BSA ID that I would like to remove is 13587950. What additional information do you require?

@JonTangredi that is fixed

Thanks for your assistance!

It seems there may be another account with my email address attached to it. Is it possible to remove that also?

It was your daughter. I put her email address on her account to match her membership records.

Perfect thanks again!

Here’s another, please:

I believe two accounts exist for a parent.

One account is SB User ID 2294831, BSA ID 13290630, connected to older son, last name begins with L.

Other account has no SB User ID or BSA ID I can find, connected to younger son in our unit. Scout’s BSA ID is 136275838.

Please merge the two. User reports email address is same on both accounts: m###.l###@comcast.net.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance!

Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob that is fixed

I’ve said this a thousand times,

THANK YOU, @DonovanMcNeil !!!

You are, as always, awesome!

Scouter Rob

Hi I have two families with the same issues here. Please help~

Family 1:
The older kid: BSA ID: 14445795 or SB ID 12605227
The younger kid BSA ID: 14445831 or SB ID 12605229
Parent email is the same on both: r#####.d@gmail.com

Family 2:
The older kid: BSA ID: 14442630 or SB ID 12605174
The younger kid BSA ID: 14442687 or SB ID 12605178
Parent1 email on both: j####.c#.s###@gmail.com
Parent 2 email on both: h##########301@gmail.com

Please help to merge the parent accounts for these two families. Highly appreciate it.

@ChihLanChan All fixed - Family 2 Father needs to use Sign in with Google. Mother needs to use username not email

THANK YOU!! You are awesome!!

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