Duplicate accounts - google sign in


I created an account using the gmail sign in connection. I am a den leader and I was all set managing my den. Unfortunately during our charter process it seems a new account was created using my gmail address (peck.jordan@gmail.com) and I have lost access to my den. Can these accounts be merged or one be deleted?


@JordanPeck this is fixed - use the click on google to log in - not your email directly

I currently have two accounts connected to my cub scouts account. I am getting a warning that someone else is using the same email address and I assume it is also me.

@ChristopherGerlach that is fixed

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@MarthaHatch It looks like a Scout (or more likely a Scout’s parent) was trying to connect to you as a Merit Badge Counselor. Instead of connecting to you as MBC, they created a new Scoutbook account with your name and e-mail address.

@MarthaHatch I am working on this for you.

@MarthaHatch I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

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