Duplicate email on two accounts

When I first logged into scoutbook for my son I used my google account, I have since registered as an adult leader creating a seperate account with my same email. Is there a way to combine those accounts so I can log in as my leader profile via my google account?

Well the Google Log in is your Scouts Log in - do you want to switch it to you? @ScottSunday

Yes, that is what I would like to do. my Scout does not need a login at this point in time.

@ScottSunday ok that is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks for the quick fix.

My son accidentally created a new account in Scoutbook to try to connect to his account (instead he created brand new bsa and Scoutbook account). I’ve since tried to invite him with my original Scoutbook account but now I’m getting a warning whenever I log into Scoutbook that another account is using my email address. Can you delete this new duplicate account?

@JasonWeston Your Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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