Duplicate accounts need one deleted

One way to reduce the odds of duplicate (or multiple) accounts being created is to have parents go to my.scouting and create an account there. They should try to connect to their BSA member number (many parents already have a BSA member number). Creating an account for parents inside of Scoutbook is not recommended, because the account gets created without a date of birth (DOB). Without a DOB, the automating matching system usually cannot find a match, and that is one way duplicate accounts get created.

Hi there. It went away for a few days but I noticed that I’m getting the duplicate email message again. Also is there a time period for when leaders from the past pack fall off or are they always linked. Just curious. I couldn’t update it on my end. Thanks.

I think you are referring to connections. You should be able to remove them for the leaders from the prior pack. If not, please describe the process you are using and what happens.

Your email address was on your scout’s account again. Every time his membership record is updated, it resyncs back to scoutbook.

@ElizabethMyers2 You can also try going to your Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook.

See if you see a “Clean Old Connections” button.

That worked today. Thanks! Yesterday it did not work.

@ElizabethMyers2 I had to fix your accounts again. They should be good now.

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