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Duplicate Scout Account Help

I’m having an issue with a duplicate scout account.

We had a long standing issue with her application, so I initially created an account for her in Scoutbook myself “manually”. Now that her application was finally processed and she has an official BSA ID, she ended up with two Scoutbook accounts. I tried to remove the “old” account and keep the official synced account, but I am running into issues (getting the error message). Council told me I would need support to completely remove the old account.

I tried emailing Scoutbook Support and have not heard back.
Please advise? Thanks!

Send an e-mail to with as much identifying information about the 2 accounts as possible. Ask them to merge the accounts and retire the one without the BSA Member ID.

If you have an SSD nubmer from a previous e-mail, post it here and we will look into it further.

I believe it is SSD-84119. I just resent the email with pertinent info to support. Thank you!

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