Duplicate accounts need one deleted

Hi. I noticed I had a duplicate account in Scoutbook. Can the duplicate be deleted? It’s confusing with logging on. Thank you for the help.

I am not sure if this has to do with the fact that I once had my own account because I did achievements for his previous pack. I am fine with that one being deleted.

My sons number is 12950707. This is the only one I need. Whichever account is linked to his.

Also, not to make it more confusing but he was originally in pack 226. He was going to join 128 but now is transferring to Nashport 174.

Thank you!

Is the on the same council?

128 and 174 are the same council. He was originally in 226. This was a different council. 226 was Simon Kenton.

This is what I am seeing when I login. It does say that there is another account using my email.

I have checked with council on this and they have said that they only see one account

@ElizabethMyers2 You were getting the warning message because your e-mail address was also on your son’t Scoutbook account. I have removed it. However, you did also have a duplicate account.

You have 2 user names at my.scouting. One is the part of your e-mail before the @ symbol. The other has Google sign in turned on.

Which one do you want to keep?

I would like to keep the one with the Google sign on. Thank you for your help!

Hello -

I have an ASM who has/had 2 accounts. I put on the forum last week to have them merged. He now gets a message saying there are two accoounts using his email & that’s creating issues when he logs into his account.

SB user id 12657303 BSA id 110185835 – account kept
SB user id 6006239 BSA id 122353107 – should have been deleted/merged to the other one

Any guidance would be appreciated.

@AmyClabough he had a third account - it is fixed now

Oh my! Thanks a bunch. Hopefully he’s all straight now.

Actually would it be easier to just delete both of my accounts and to create a new one? I’m fine with doing that. My son just transferred, so I’d be fine with starting fresh if both of my accounts were deleted. If that’s an option. Thanks.

@ElizabethMyers2 Your accounts have already been fixed.

Great! Thank you. I noticed he is still showing with 128. Will that update to 174, since it was updated by council today?

@ElizabethMyers2 I have ended the Scout’s membership with Pack 128.

I have also updated his BSA member number. I see a pending registration with Pack 174. He should show up in the new pack in Scoutbook within 24-48 hours.

Thank you again! I appreciate it.

My account also is messed up. when I log into scoutbook its my name (Katherine) shouldnt it be my son? Also says my email is being used x2 and that i have 2 accounts linked to me. Sorry for all the confusion. Should the parents name also be at the top when logging in. I tryed removing the extra emails but that didnt work.

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I have more of a general question on dual accounts… We just switched to Scoutbook this year from another Scouting tool. We had several parents end up with dual accounts - parents with us prior to the flip and new parents this year. Any ideas on why or what I can tell them to ensure this does not happen? Does my.scouting.org and scoutbook use the same logins? Mine are the same, but I’m not sure if that’s due to me setting it up that way or because they are 1 in the same for logins?

Yes, they are one and the same login

Thanks a ton! I appreciate it!

@KatherineSchultz I am working with your council on this one. There are some different things going on, so it might take a few days before everything gets fixed. Thank you for your patience.