Duplicate Adult Account

Hello, I need help removing a duplicate adult account. One account has no email for the leader to update. I am unable to add the ID to the account either.

Please post the BSA member number here (no names). We will take a look.

User ID is 2754218. BSA Number is blank but needs to be associated with 136463258. Other user ID is 10515652 and associated with that BSA ID.

Aaron, this should be fixed now. The leader should log in to Scoutbook with his or her my.scouting username and password.

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I am having the same problem. I have 2 accounts with my name listed. One for troop treasurer (which is correct) and one for committee member. How can we get one deleted? I am also not able to access any of the scout’s accounts to update what they owe for recharter. Please help.

I am connected to troop 751 in Springfield, Oregon

@JenniferOlinger would you be able to help me as well with this same issue?

Yes, I should be able to help.

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