Duplicate Adult Record

I have a duplicate adult record attached to a scout:

BSA ID - 13273711 / User ID 10855667
BSA ID - none / User ID 2034825

Can you merge the second into the first?

Thank you!

@GoodloeWhite this is resolved

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Donovan, can you help me with my duplicate as well?
BSA ID- /Member ID-13115567
BSA ID- /Member ID-251912

@BryceWalker your SB accounts are merged - use your my.scouting credentials to log in

I also have two Scoutbook Accounts.

BSA# 12741301 is for the account that I would like to keep.

There is no BSA number for the second account but the UserID# is 9788177

Thank you!

@ReneeSeese Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Hi, I too have a duplicate adult due to a council change. We’d like to keep it in the existing profile if possible.
BSA # 130519546 SB user # 410391 (existing)
BSA # 136926687 SB user # 10796759 (new)


@SixSpot ok that is fixed for you - might want to check with council on your DOB - it is different between your different accounts

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! We also have a similar issue. Our Advancement Chair has 2 accounts but one of them doesn’t have rights and I can’t reinstate rights for him. Can you help?! the 2 bsa numbers are:
13803747- attached to his son as a parent connection with previous advancement chair that I can’t reinstate. I believe this is the one he sees when he logs in, and he can’t access the other new one below that has all the permissions.
110163365 - attached to the committee member and advancement chair roles

Is this something you can help with, can they be merged so he can login with the 13803747 and I can reinstate his roles?!
Thank you!!

@AthenaAlexander This should be fixed for him now.

Please have him log in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password.

He might need to update his e-mail address in Scoutbook.

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THANK YOU!!! He got in and was able to run the reports he needed to. Thank you so much, it’s really appreciated!

Good morning. I am having somewhat of a similar issue. I have two accounts, one for a parent and one as a merit badge counselor. I can see the merit badge counselor account but cannot access or do anything with it. Additionally, it has a generic email address associated with it. Can the accounts be merged?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you?

BSA # 130109579 USER ID# 11735687

@FrankAzzarello this is fixed

Thank you so much. Have a great weekend.

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