Duplicate Adult Accounts

Good Evening,

I have two adults experiencing issues due to having two BSA IDs. I’ve given the instructions regarding adding the second ID to their profile in my.scouting.org but they haven’t been able to work it out. Could we get some assistance? Here are the IDs:

13407899 and 136386467 should be the same
12833722 and 136387168 should be the same.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Both of these are fixed and the Member IDs are managed

BSA ID 133421888 to keep.
BSA ID 137263256 to merge.

I have merged the accounts in Scoutnet but also need them merged in Scoutbook.

Thank you for your help!

@MatthewAnderson6 this is done

Hi, I also have a duplicate account. One of them has an incorrect e-mail (mrbeetle2key@yahoo.com), I can’t/ have never logged into it, and the other is under the BSA ID 136357791. Any help would be appreciated

@TERRYBAILEY that is solved

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I was told I have duplicate accounts with different names. My BSA ID is 133502413. I am a den leader and on 4-12 a cleanup script was run and my position as a den leader and admin was ended. Our committee chair tried to add them back. I can now see my cubs but am unable to enter any advancements.

@JosephArmstrong I sent you a private message.

I have the same problem. 2 acounts for 1 adult.
both acounts say fathers name. but have different emails address assocated with the numbers (one the fathers and one the mothers email.)
Bsa #13753797
Used id 10262872

BSA # 136424209
Used ID11477521

when I try to add the mother into scoutbook it comes up as the fathers name and this account number
BSA # 136424209
Used ID11477521

both parents can not get into scoutbook. when I try to send the link to register it does not get a temp password.

name assocated with below account was never connected to the both scouts.
BSA # 136424209
Used ID11477521

issued started when the second scout registered.

@SaraFrisch I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

BSA ID 13578157 is current with council.
BSA ID 13749585 is not, but user is using this ID on Scoutbook in his and his son’s unit.

He does not have access to the recovery email to his original account, ID 13578157, to recover his password.

@MatthewAnderson6 both of those have the same email - you need to provide us SB User ID for more assistance - you can go to user and edit profile to get that

@MatthewAnderson6 @DonovanMcNeil I found a third Scoutbook account with the same name and date of birth.

The third account is probably the one with the e-mail that he no longer has access to.

Hi! I have the same problem of having duplicate adult accounts and our admin and Council office aren’t sure how to solve.

BSA # 13486070 profile needs to be deleted (or merged into my accurate BSA # which is 136616368)…

I tried to merge and set 136616368 as primary, but I get an error that 13486070 has been deleted, which is great, but both profiles still show up in Scoutbook… when I try to update my email in Scoutbook I can’t because it says my email is already in use.

Any help would be so appreciated!! Thank you!

@BETHANYLISTON This should be fixed for you now.

Please log in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting username and password.

@JenniferOlinger Yes! Fixed!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! We’ve been trying to get that right for ages. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate the help!!

I have two member IDs as I have positions with units in two councils. I have both IDs added to my my.scouting.org account. When I set the older of the two as primary on my.scouting, I can log in to Scoutbook no problem. When I select the newer one as primary the Scoutbook page hangs when I try to log in. Any help sorting this out so I can log in no matter which ID is set primary would be greatly appreciated.

If you post the BSA IDs @JosephLimone, SUAC may be able to help.

@JosephLimone is it the one ending in 788 - or 970 - that gives the spinning sign in? and is it just Scoutbook that spins?

970 allows me to log in to Scoutbook. If I go back to my.scouting, change my primary member ID to 788 so I can work with the unit that it’s associated with then I can no longer log into Scoutbook until I change back to 970.