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Duplicate Scoutbook Accounts; only one BSA Member #

Good Afternoon!

We have a duplicate Scoutbook account for one of our leaders causing us issues and as Scoutbook.Support@scouting.org no longer exists, how can we get these two accounts combined? I have the Adult User IDs and the BSA Member number.


  • Marc

post the UserIDs here and I will take a look

You’re the man!!

Adult User ID: 5331381 (Correct) & 10386469
BSA Member #: 131517104
UnitID: 56070

Please let me know if you need anything else!

the second one is already deleted - you just see it cause hanging connections - I will clean that up - and will see if I can apply email to the account

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Awesome!! Do you need his email account? Thanks!!!

no we have ways of seeing it - he should be good to go

Awesome! It appears to be all fixed! Thanks SO much for all your help!

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