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Duplicate leader account

Hi there, Need help fixing an adult leader account.

Adult leader is able to log into a parent account with no permissions needed to do his job.

His YPT, chartered position, and adult leader listing in scoutbook are tied to an account he is unable to log into. In scoutbook it shows that BSA number (126377609 C.H.) as not having an e-mail, i.e. changeyouremail@scoutbook.com etc. In the YPT system report, so a my.scouting,org login with that member number, it shows the e-mail he is using to login.

When he logs in with the email in question, he accesses a parent account, created back in the Pack days, that does not have access to YPT training and my.scouting.org, and is not registered as a leader. The wrong login is 13081883 as a BSA member ID.

Can we please have help merging these two accounts and getting a new login?

Esther Wingard

@EstherWingard I will send you a private message.

I need these two adult accounts to be merged:

Scoutbook UserIDs:
2564064 ← the real account, associated with scout as parent
11802376 ← account created recently by online application which has new adult leadership position associated with it

@JoeMcKinley OK, this should be fixed. Make sure he signs in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password.

Thanks so much. I’m rounding up two other easier ones for you and will message!

Hi there!

I have an adult with a duplicate account that needs to be deleted:

UserID: 2309438 needs to be deleted
UserID: 10823087 is correct account

@BrandonPowell1 this has been fixed

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