Duplicate adult

We have an adult leader with two accounts.
14299962 is the correct account.
110247934 is the one needed deleted.

Thank you

@SteveCarano you had the numbers backwards as the second number is registered but it is all fixed

Hi Donavan,

It appears the incorrect account was deleted.

14299962 is the correct account to use.
110247934 is the one needed to be deleted

Thank you,



I checked both of the MIDs for MS. MID 14299962 is NOT registered while MID 110247934 is registered as a Committee Member. Donovan applied the correct MID.

I did find another MID and SB account for MS which I have taken care of. He also has 2 my.scouting.org IDs which need to be merged. I need to know which ID he wishes to retain, the one with his e-mail address or the portion of his email address before the @.


14299962 was the one he used to log in. There were two accounts;

merging to that one would be ideal.

But we can have him use the other, if necessary.





This is fixed. MS should log into my.scouting.org and Scoutbook with his e-mail address.

Hey @edavignon

My email appears to be duplicated in scoutbook can this be fixed?

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