Adult with duplicate SB accounts needs one deleted

I have an adult with two accounts and needs one deleted. The account with user ID 13817879 needs to go. Thanks!

@KatieDaughenbaugh I have merged this parent’s Scoutbook accounts.

She needs to log in with her my.scouting user name – not her e-mail address.

I had to keep BSA member number 13817879 as primary, because the other one does not have a date of birth.

Thank you! Will she know what her my.scouting username is? I ask because if she uses her email address to logon to Scoutbook, yet has never been on my.scouting, how will she know? Thanks again!

@KatieDaughenbaugh The parent created a my.scouting account about a year ago.

If she does not remember her password, she can reset it by using the chatbot “Betty” at my.scouting (in the lower right corner). When asked: “Do you remember your security questions?”, she can say “No” to bypass.

Got it. Thanks again!


I have discovered that several of our recent Scout leaders are showing as “pending” on our roster. My google searching has led me to the conclusion that their accounts have been set up by Council membership without first checking to see if the person was already in the system. This has created duplicate records for them in Scoutbook, and I am not able to add their role to the appropriate den.

Can you please merge the following records so that only 1 file remains for each of the following leaders:

(name removed by Moderator) (Leader Roster file)
SB User 10425656
BSA# 136525043

*This account, set up by Council membership, shows an email address of, and his name is spelled incorrectly (name removed by Moderator)

His second account is listed as (name removed by Moderator), with the email address (e-mail removed by Moderator), and he is correctly linked to his son (name removed by Moderator).

(name removed by Moderator) (Leader Roster file)
SB User 5355356
BSA# 109627868
Email address (e-mail removed by Moderator) on both accounts. Should be linked to son (name removed by Moderator). He’s our new Tiger Den Leader, but Scoutbook won’t let me add him as a leader to Tiger Den 4. I have tried to add him as a leader at least 10 times, and it just “thinks” and won’t add the information, or it doesn’t list Tiger Den 4 as an option.

(name removed by Moderator) (Leader Roster file)
SB User 3584859
BSA# 1792635
Email address (e-mail removed by Moderator) on both accounts. He should be linked to his son (name removed by Moderator).

(name removed by Moderator) (Leader Roster file)
SB User 10426266
BSA# 136525955
Email (e-mail removed by Moderator)

Second account has email address listed as (e-mail removed by Moderator). He should be linked to his son (name removed by Moderator), and also to his son (name removed by Moderator).

Please let me know the best way to correct these records so that I can add them to their respective dens.

Many thanks,

Nicole Nash
Membership Coordinator
Cub Scout Pack 424

This adult leader has 2 BSA member numbers:

14345823 - Den Leader registration
109627868 - Tiger Adult Partner registration

I would recommend asking your council to put the Tiger Adult Partner registration under BSA member number 14345823.

These should all be fixed, although you might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

Several of these leaders have 2 user names at my.scouting. They should log in with their my.scouting user name – not their e-mail address.

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Thank you so much for your help with this, Jennifer. I will reach out to my council and see if they can revise the BSA member number for our Tiger den leader per your suggestion. I am still not able to make him the Den Leader in Scoutbook. Would this be the reason why?

@NicoleNash When you go to the Pack Roster page and click on this leader’s name, are you able to add “Tiger Den Leader”?

Jennifer - No, I am not. The Pack Roster page already lists him as a Den Leader, but when I click on his name the Tiger den does not show up as an option (it only lists the Lion, Wolf and Bear dens as selections to click on). When I try to select him as a leader through the dens page and select his name, I just keep getting “loading” and have not been able to add his position there either. He should be the Den Leader of our Tiger Den 4.

Tiger den leader is a different position than den leader

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