Duplicate calendar event is not working

We are a linked troop and in order for the activities sections to work properly I need to create a separate event under each unit. I have created several events under one unit. When I go back to the calendar and select the event and select the drop down arrow to duplicate I get an empty event set for the current day. Not what I was expecting.
It will also render the page in my browser unresponsive (none of the links on the page will work) until I reload the page.

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So you made the event under Troop A instead of under both Troop A & B? Sounds like it is functioning correctly to duplicate it just for Troop A. ???

It is not duplicating anything. It is just creating a blank event on today’s date. I made a camping event for next March under unit A’s calendar. After saving it I go back to calendar and hover on the just made event, click on the downward arrow next to edit event and click on duplicate. I expect to have the event duplicated as in all of the same info is present and then I can assign it to unit B’s calendar.

Well what I am wondering if it does not work unit to unit - if you made for Unit A & B and duplicated for like a future date. I will ask

@JClark-T71 I see what you are saying and that page seems to have some issues - writing up a report on it - now if it WILL allow a different unit we will see?

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