Duplicate Event - Issues with events with camping/hiking/service

When duplicating an event on the IA calendar, the camping, hiking, and service entries appear to remain connected to the original event. For example, if I duplicate a camping event, the camping nights from the original event remain with the duplicate. Deleting them from the duplicate clears them from the original event as well. The behavior I would expect would be for the duplicate event to not have any entries, or at least for changes to the duplicate to not affect the original event. This is a clone, not a recurring event, so I would not expect there to be any link between the two. This is probably going to get some camping, hiking, and service hours accidentally deleted if people don’t realize they are deleted from the original event too. Is there a way to make it so that the “duplicate event” option does not copy over or link the reported activities?

@WhitneyD this is a known issue in the backlog

Okay. Glad it’s on their radar. Thanks!

Duplicating has a few unanticipated consequences

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