Duplicate Den Leader Account

One of my den leaders is suddenly unable to update anything in Scoutbook, and I think it’s because her account somehow got duplicated - the account she logs in with is not the one that has access to Den Admin privileges. The new account has her correct BSA number (13357076), but the email is “changemyemail@scoutbook.com”. The account she logs in with has her correct email, but a BSA number of 13789047, which is not what shows in my.scouting for her.

Is there any way to reconcile these? She’s trying to get her Scouts updated with their adventures before they head off for the summer.

Thank you!

Dave Willis

Quick-and-dirty, she might be able to associate the “new” BSA ID with her “correct” BSA ID in my.scouting using Manage Member ID in the left column. Set whichever BSA ID is connected to the pack as primary, log out of all scouting.org sites, then log into Scoutbook using her my.scouting credentials (username/password) rather than her email address. I think that will get things re-associated. Ideally, the council should retire the duplicate BSA ID, but they might not be able to if there’s already a CBC associated with it.

@DavidWillis I sent you a private message, but it looks like there is a registration issue that needs to be worked out with your local council.

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