Duplicate email IDs in Scoutbook for one adult leader

Would appreciate an admin help: I have a father who created a Scoutbook profile under his work email a year ago when he was “just a parent”. He had a Scoutbook profile linked to his child, but no BSA Member ID. Now he is a registered leader. When he filled out his adult application, he used his Google email. Now he is in our Pack Roster with his Google email Scoutbook profile. But has two different profile logins. In Internet Advancement, his profile with the old Work email shows no member ID. Under his Google email, his BSA member ID appears correctly. How do I merge his Scoutbook profiles so that Scoutbook knows this is one person - the person and the adult leader?

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

I’m looking into this

I merged the scoutbook accounts and requested a merge of the usernames

The usernames have been merged now too

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