Duplicating Calendar Event - Reminder Errors

When taking an Event that happened in October of 2023 and Duplicating the event for 2024, I noticed the following:

  1. The reminders were still there (3 hours, 1 day, 1 week) but showed they already were delivered even after changing the date to the 2024 date (no issue there I thought and deleted the three reminders and recreated them.
  2. When I went to save the event, it would not save it and I got the following error - “given reminderID not found in the calendar event records - reminderID: 5982309”
  3. I noticed the edit event view for the event doesn’t allow me to add remove Units/patrols (the option isn’t there).
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@WilliamCunnane - i gather the effort was via the duplicate event in the edit dropdown ? I tried the same thing on a past event with reminders and got the reminder ID error. I would have just created a whole new event with the details that remain the same.

But that defeats the whole reason for the duplicate event feature.

@WilliamCunnane OK I see the error - So we do not duplicate reminders and probably not dupe repeating - and those can just be rebuilt

The problem is when you rebuild them, you still can’t save the event because the error is thrown.

@WilliamCunnane I do not understand what you are saying?

OH the reminderID is still attached to it even if you say to turn off reminders

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I can screenshare what happens. What I’m saying is -

  1. I duplicate the event
  2. I change all the details in the duplicate to reflect new invitees, the new date, etc. (although as I mentioned, the duplicate does not give an option to add a unit or patrol to the event (my original only had T829B in the invite and it doesn’t give me the option to add T829G)
  3. I delete the old reminders
  4. I create the new reminders
  5. I click the “Create Event” button
  6. the error displays on screen and the event is not created and cannot be saved

yeah it is not being given a new reminderID which is a database field

Agreed. So, is this something that can be fixed? Otherwise, the duplicate event feature is useless unless you have no reminders (which all of my troop events do). Also, in the spirit of duplicated all the features that were in the feature asistant, this was something I was easily able to do with the feature assistant.

Fixable - just how best to do it is for Devs to decide

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@WilliamCunnane good bug catch - that was a tough one - missed in testing - thanks

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Thanks. Please remember the other bug I mentioned under #2 (no ability to add unit/patrol to the duplicate event).

yeah that is an odd one - BUT one that makes a certain amount of sense

@WilliamCunnane - that would be the add individual plus sign where the unit is showing

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