Duplicate leader member IDs

A parent accidentally created a new account including Member ID when submitting a leader application. This presented a roadblock as their YPT completion is associated with their prior Member ID. The application is currently pending (lacking YPT for new Member ID) but they have already paid the fees associated with the application.

  • Old Member ID: #14003783 (YPT associated with this account)
  • New Member ID: #137468369 (pending application ID #200859273 is associated with this account)

What is the best course of action to correct? Is this something that can be resolved by volunteers here, or do we need to coordinate directly with our council registrar due to the pending application with paid fees?

Thank you in advance!
Yours in Scouting,
Matt Kolins

@MatthewKolins OK this can be fixed - the user needs to stop logging in with email and start using their my.scouting.org username (Fullfirstname)(Lastname)75

@MatthewKolins this is fixed - and I fixed their Scouts double account

Thank you, @DonovanMcNeil ! Unfortunately, upon checking the application this morning, it still reflects the new Member ID and no YPT (which was associated with the old Member ID.) Redacted screenshots attached for clarity.

Can you confirm which Member ID will remain active based on your actions?

Is there anything further you are able to do on your end? Assuming not, at this point we intend to contact the Council Registrar.

Thank you again!
Matt Kolins

@MatthewKolins it should have synced - I wonder if he needs to log in to my.scouting.org? Am asking Devs but it is Sunday

@MatthewKolins OK fiddling with it all looks GTG now

@DonovanMcNeil success! We’re able to move this application along now.

Thank you for your invaluable volunteer service. It is greatly appreciated!

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