Multiple Scoutbook accounts need merged

I recently logged in to to complete my YPT training and received an error about an invalid Member ID and that I needed to contact my local council office. I did that and they gave me a different Member ID to enter. That got me in to complete the YPT training, but now I am unable to login to the Scoutbook for Den Leaders app. When I try to log in it says, “Whoops! Your role needs upgrading. Log in to” I did that and I’m not seeing any way to upgrade my role. I also tried adding my “old” ID as a secondary ID through Manage Member ID on, but I get an error.

Old Member ID: 13407154 <<- This is supposedly what my ID was before it made me change it.
Correct Member ID per my local council office: 135992005 <<- This is currently tied to my login and allowed me to complete YPT training.

Please advise.

This should be fixed now.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger ! I am able to sign in to both sites again.

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