Help with leader ID

Hoping somebody can help. I have a new leader that was previously a scout but made a new My.scouting account. Now that he is registered again I cannot get the member ID that our council gave him to pair with his my.scouting account.

My.scouting ID 13571533
Council Member ID 122083927

Your council needs to fix this - they intentionally modified the name - talk to registrar

Thank you for the response.

well it is even more Odd - 1533 - is deleted

3927 - is the intentional name change “Peatrowsky-DO NOT USE”

I bet 127391422 is same user as well

Ugh ok. They probably should have waited until after the account had been synced to make a change to that ID.

He has a son with the same name as well so it might not be.

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