Duplicate MBs Showing in Scoutbook

The registration of Merit Badge Counselor Je… W… (Member ID 13508686) as an MBC was suspended on 10/19/2023 due to a lack of compliance with a California State Youth Protection requirement (AB506). Her suspension was lifted on 12/08/2023. She is authorized to teach four (4) MB subjects. In her profile in Registrar Tools, everything appears OK, but when she views her account in Scoutbook, the four Merit Badges appear twice, once with the expiration (suspension) date, and once with the “new” enrollment (un-suspended) date. This is one issue. But the main issue is that there are no connections to the youth with whom she was working on several of the badges. How does she reconnect with the Scouts?
Judd Stiff
Council 031

Reconnecting is unfortunately a manual process. The system automatically disconnects adults who are no longer registered/authorized to work with scouts from those scouts.

I’ve had to deal with this several times as a MBC myself when recharters lapsed or an upload file omitted me. Now, I try to remember to keep a copy of the information needed to reconnect later in case I get disconnected (again).


Are these dups seen in the MB Counselor Search Results or on her My Positions page?

The duplicate badges are showing up on her My Positions page.

That picture looks like my.Scouting Tools (My Profile) - not Scoutbook.

@JuddStiff - this is what the merit badge position looks like in scoutbook

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