Duplicate memberships - cannot resolve

Hi - was trying to correct an issue in Scoutbook and seem to have made it worse.

Troop Guide does not show as a member of their own patrol in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement - they show as member of the patrol they assist. Apparently this is normal and expected but is entirely non-intuitive.

Was trying to “return” my scout to his own patrol, and now have ended up with duplicate memberships that I cannot remove as I get scary warnings about “removing scout from the unit”.

At this point he shows two active memberships for the same unit. If I remove one, he shows as not being assigned to a patrol. If I try to remove the other, I get scary warnings. As it stands, he’s showing as being in his patrol twice and also in the patrol for which he is Troop Guide.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

@JoshuaNixon I removed one patrol membership - if scout is guide for a patrol he is guide for the patrol to get patrol calendars and announcements

Thanks! That helps. We don’t actually use the calendar or announcement features in Scoutbook, we use one external shared Troop calendar that lists all events. (Announcements happen in meetings!)

@JoshuaNixon In that case, you might just want one Troop Guide leadership position for him that is not associated with a patrol.

You can end one (or both) leadership position and use the same start/end date.

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