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Scoutbook Duplicate scout entry


I have a scout that is appearing twice on our roster in scout book.

Both entries have same BSA ID# and appear with green check mark, linked and Automatically synced with BSA icons.

We recently started using scout book and the scout originally was not appearing in our roster.

I tried to transfer the scout in, but in doing so received a message that the scout was associated with our Troop did I want to remove the connection, so I cancelled out of that.

I then came back a day or so later and the scout now appears twice.

Please, let me know if you need additional information.



Please look at the scout’s membership. Is there more than one in the current memberships section?

Yes, he has two current memberships.

One is Scouts BSA and other is Unit Participant.

The Scouts BSA entry was recently added recently, probably due to me trying to transfer him in.

I noticed he is listed as Unit Participant in our Roster in Internet Advancement 2.0.

How would I remove the Scouts BSA entry?


Is he 18 years or older?

Yes, he is 18 years old.


Just put an end date on the Scouts BSA entry.

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Ok, I added end date to Scouts BSA entry and duplicate went away.

I then added him to a patrol and then the duplicate came back.

I looked at memberships again and the scouts BSA entry was added back with start date of today.


Did you use reassign to do this?


In the Scouts BSA entry that came back today, is there anything in the Notes field?

Yes, I went to the patrol and then clicked reassign scout(s) to add him to the patrol.

Is there another way to assign him to the patrol?

When I click the Scouts BSA entry I do not see any notes.

Just following up to see if there is a different way to add the scout to a patrol that would not cause the Scouts BSA membership entry to be created?

Or do I work around it by adding end date again to Scouts BSA Membership and be sure not to add the scout to a patrol to eliminate the duplicate.


You could have gone to his current membership and clicked the reassign patrol button there.

When you move a Scout from no patrol into a patrol, either use the Reassign Scout on the patrol page or first end the Scout’s membership in the troop then create a new membership in the Troop with the patrol selected.

Setting end date of Scouts BSA membership and assigning patrol to Unit Participant membership worked without creating another Scouts BSA membership entry.


I also show this with all the Scouts in our unit. All of the Scouts have waiver of age and are listed as UP Unit Participant since they are over 18. I will contact my registrar for her to see if there are double entries in Scoutbook. We should not have to work around this issue. They are still “Scouts”

@JohnHeuchan Your Registrar likely does not have visibility into Scoutbook, because it is a unit tool. You should be able to log in to Scoutbook, go to your Troop Roster page, and see if they show up twice (they should only show up once).

Have they been assigned to patrols? If not, you can go to the patrol page, click on the Reassign Scout(s) to quickly move Scout(s) into the patrol.

If they still show up twice on your roster, go to their Scout’s Membership page, and look under “Current Membership” There should only be one current membership unless they are registered with multiple units.

Found my own issue. The over age scouts are listed as UP not ScoutsBSA. So both memberships were showing. I needed to end Scouts BSA at age of 18.

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