Troop Patrol issue

I have 4 scouts showing up as needing to be assigned to a patrol, but they already are in a patrol.

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Look at the membership page for these Scouts. They may have a membership open in both your troop and in their patrol. If this is the case, put an end date on the troop membership.

I checked all 4 and there is only one current membership

I think I would try a full Log Out and log back in

It has been happening for months. I just had time now to post it. Pretty sure I have done that several times in the last months.

@KristaHolmes We could setup a screenshare to look at it our we could make ourselves admin in your unit to look at it - either way - on the backend it all seems fine though

It is not causing any issues at the moment so not a big deal for us, it was just unusual so I wanted to let you know. If it becomes an issue I will reach out again and pursue it further. Thanks!

Do all 4 Scouts have Den Chief leadership positions?

no that was my first wonder too

The one thing they all have in common is their rank. They are all star scout. I can look in our boy troop and see similar is happening there

Not the rank but definitely the leadership roles. In my boy troop, anyone that is assigned a leadership role (spl, troop guide, scribe) shows up on the reassign list even though they are already in the patrol. Same in the girls troop.

The only leadership role that doesn’t cause the issue is patrol leader, but if there is any other leadership position, the scout is kicked out to the reassign list.

@KristaHolmes so you get leader > they are then kicked out of patrol? But all these have leadership and are in a patrol

Kicked out is probably a poor choice of words. Moved two is probably better

It is strange, any scout in a patrol and has a leadership position (except patrol leader) shows up in the patrol list AND in the reassign list. Everyone else not assigned a leadership role that shows up in the patrol does not show up in the reassign list.

It is not a huge deal, just odd behavior.

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